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Seceret tip of future forecast.:   Astrology as a discipline is as elderly as the oldest Holy Writ of personage advancement. Now, in this era, human existence has become a bunch of counterstatement. Science and technology make our life joyful, comfortable and peaceful. Astrology is a calculation of stars, periods, dashas and houses. All things are calculated and give us the result in the form of our kundli, horoscope and future prediction. There are different courses in this field. Anyone can approach and get free astrology tips from us.

In astrology, the zodiac is like two huge hemispheres with earth as the referral point. One is the visible hemisphere from a particular point on the earth and other is an invisible hemisphere. If any event occurs at any point on the earth, the zodiac signs which rise on the eastern horizon of the visible part of the Zodiac reference to that point are called the rising sign. In Hindu Astrology, this is known as ‘lagan’. The planet which rules on the rising sign is called ‘Lagnesh’.
Casting the horoscope for any event constitutes preparation of the complete event horary chart. For a human native, birth chart indicating the ascendant, various planets are present in twelve houses constitutes. A typical prediction of human native is in the form of kundliwith twelve houses includes all planets. Interpretation of horoscope and especially prediction of future events from the horoscope is a delicate art. It is possible to develop it only through sustained practice and experience. Before attempting a serious interpretation of a horoscope the positions of various planets should be closely examined. There are certain ground rules for this purpose.

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Today we read about the Zodiac sign and planets in free astrology. The sign or planets have prime significance in human life.

मेश (Aries)

Aries are very smart in nature and they are very sharp minded. The yellow and red are the lucky color of Aries. They are very brave in nature and can get victory on all over the world. They became a famous in the life. They take their work very seriously. All over they have a unique personality.

वृषब (Taurus)

It has characteristics of bull. It governs in northern region. Its other constitutions are: graceful, Static in nature, calm and bawdy and white complexion. It Rules the southern direction. It behaves egocentric essence and rich in educational area.

मिथुन (Gemini)

This Sign indicates the part of human figure from above elbows to palms. Physically, it is specifying the couple together. It obtain as lucky color is green. It is masculine in character, fiery hot, temperate and week bodied. It also possesses educated and artistic traits. They have interest in education, dance, arts and some of the gambling.

करक (Cancer)

This is bodily show as crab. It indicated the sternum and jubilees of the person. It has some lady sign and vast in habit. These types of persons have multi character. Some features of this Sign are humanity, get name and fame worldly.

सिंहा (Leo)

It completely indicates to the lion. Lion is a king of the forest and have cruel in nature. The sign indicates the proud, angriness and over confident. The lucky color is yellow.

कन्या (Virgo)

Physically, it shows the girl. It ruled of the belly part of physique. They are very obedient and calm in nature. They are thin and white in tone. They are familiar to the nature and blessed by god because they are religious.

तुला (Libra)

It shows the balancing instrument in some one hand. Means the nature of person is shows equality in all. The man will be take positive decisions at once. It is thin in creation, ambulant in nature, and hard person. It has qualities as electiveness, tactful, holy nature and generaly find consequences approach in all their fields.

वरिचक (Scorpio)

It Shape resembles that of a scorpion and it governs the sex organ of the human body. Its various other features are feminine, fair complexioned. People born under the influence of this Sign are soft-spoken but back-bitters. They are straightforward and steadfast people and usually call a spade a spade.

धनु (Sagittarius)

The Sign shows the limbs i.e. arms and legs of the human body. That presumably explain why this is represented by an archer with the head and arms of the man and the portion lower than of houses. The Sign also is masculine and has cruel, temperate nature. It governs eastern direction. Its other characters are charitable, kind, religious and self-regulated.

मकर (Capricorn)

This is tenth sign of Zodiac and physically resembles a crocodile. The organ of the human body under its control is the knees it is feminine, earthly and immobile in character. It is dutiful and highly ambitious in character and imparts similar features of its native.

कुंभ (Aquarius)

This shows the claves of the human body. It resembles the man supporting a pot on his shoulders. It controls the western direction It possess a wired complexion, is masculine in nature, tends to make its natives religious- minded, thoughtful and philosophic, has an aptitude of research and is accomplished in arts.

मीन (Pisces)

This shows the claves of the human body. It resembles the man supporting a pot on his shoulders. It controls the western direction It possess a wired complexion, is masculine in nature, tends to make its natives religious- minded, thoughtful and philosophic, has an aptitude of research and is accomplished in arts.

If a certain house lies in the particular sign or rashi, the lord of the rashi is also the lord of the house lying in that rashi. For example: the lagna lies in the Gemini, so the lord of lagna is mercury, the ruler of the zodiac sign of Gemini. Similarly, for the second house is moon, the ruler of cancer; For third house is Sun, the ruler of leo; For the fourth house is again Mercury since it rules the sign virgo.
Aspect of planets on various houses and other planet should be observed. Sometimes, we observe conjunction of two or more planets. In a horoscope, we also often find exchange of position by planets which are lords of two houses, this means, for example, Mercury is lord of Gemini which lies in Aries and Mars, Lord of aries lies in Gemini. This happens in our horoscope under illustration. Thus the lord of first house lies in 11th house and lord of 11th house lie in first. This kind of positional exchange of houses by planets which are lords of two different houses indicates interesting result in connection with the significant of two houses. In the particular example, lord of 11 is the lord of income, gains, friends and lord of first is that of self. Thus to the native, constant income and lasting friendship are assured in the life.

The above account of the zodiac sign and rashi is somewhat esoteric as it describes the characteristics of Rashis by metaphoric comparisons with human beings, it is also renders physical characteristics of the Rashis in terms of personality traits such. as temperate, mobile or immobile,earthy or fiery, etc. The underlying idea is to indicate what type of effect all Rashi occurs. after this idea is not only consider for Social man. infact all animal and livng being suffer from astrology who are lived on the planet earth. The influence also extends to all earthly and mundane activities and events. we can say that it covers everything from man to man-made objects and human institutions apart from all other animate objects. That is why each Rashi has control over a particular geographicaly located direction. this shows that each and every thing on this earth have affected with astrological view. The fact that a Rashi is cool and intemperate indicates that it tends to impart similar characteristics to everything that falls under its purview. Similarly, a ‘fiery’ Rashi tends to make its native fiery-natured and often short-tempered.

While giving the exposition of ‘Rashi’ traits, certain specific colours were also assigned to each ‘sign’. It has some meaningful output. It simply implies that every red-coloured object receives the influence of Mesha or Aries Rashi-and every white object the effect of Taurus. It would alsobe observed from the above description that the entire human body is governed by the twelve Rashis of the Zodiac, each Rashi having the rulership of particular body organs. This is based on the tenets of Hindu Astrology under which time as an entity is allegorically represented as a giant human being each of whose organs is governed by a specific part of the Zodiac.

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Astrology VS Science

See the Other Factors Which are Implementes in this scientific world. It have Some Ethics in the Earth

Hey . When we do havan or Yagna. The havan material is used as the medicinal factor. The Havan Smoke flow in air and It Help to purify the air and our atmosphere

Positive Energy Produced. We put Holocaust in fire ignited with our finger tips. It improve our mental ability.

Married use kumkum bindi in forehead. Red sindoor sustain potential in human body. When Put stain on mid of the eyebrows, the Adnya-chakra pressed and help to muscles of face

Widow Or Girls/Boys Put chandan spot on front head. It makes them calm and the give power to control on the emotions

Both hand join together for namaskar. it put stress on hands, mind or eyes equally. pressure points are pressed for long time and no germs are contacted in our body.

Firstly, we connect with our culture and heritage. When worship in temple or home we take concentration and its a good meditation also.

You can feel very pleasend on holi places. Your body is full with positivity of energy.

Hindu have ritual of peepal tree . They never alow any one to stay near peepal tree at night.

Scientifically it has been proved that the peepal extract carbon dioxide at at night. To enhale co2 is very harful to human being.

peepal tree

At the ancient time people usauly do plaster of cow dung daily. Astrologer says it makes pure to our house. Today some villagers do this. Because they not have enough money to spent

Scienti reason is the pungent smell of cow dung prevent the house from insects . It also help to away many type of illeness. basically it gives the medicinal effects.

cow dung

the hindu custom said will ring the bell before enter to temple and it simply away us from evil powers and god will happy with us

According to science, when bell is ringed and the sound is produced in atmosphere. The vibrations help us to clear our mind or its makes our concentration Actually.

temple bell

Hindu use banana leaf and some other leaves as plates. it is very hygienic and ecofriendly. there is no need to clean it with some type of chemicals.

Its garbage not spread any virus.It is not harmful for environment or easy to discard.

banana leaf usage

Rudiments of natural Horoscopes

Today Starts, the daily blogs for the horoscope readers and Easy way to read the birth kundali.

23.04, 2015

Occupation of the planets in horoscope , their vision and their impact study .About the nature of the planets from the reading of the book will be received adequate knowledge ; ButHow to get overview of birth chart, It is a necessary thing. Therefore, keeping in mind the interests of all the horoscope here are the method of observation .

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